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Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is just to say...*

Everyone party responsibly and have a safe New Year's Eve!

*(Sorry, no poem, but you can read it here. The photo is from the company Christmas party; we're staying home to celebrate.)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Look what was in the box the new printer came in

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Pod! The Pod!

I fear my title is misleading. Nothing really weird or creepy has emerged and it hasn't exploded.

Curiosity is about to overwhelm me. I finally went out and poked around on it. I'm afraid a few more rainy days and neighborhood kids or dogs might be the death of it, so I'm really hoping it survives to whatever level of development is next (maybe this is it). It's looking like a bad chocolate mousse or something, but has a rather powdery, soft texture. When I poked it, "dust" came out--spores, I expect. Here's a photo and I've tried a video. Apologies for the cinematography. It was quite bright out and the image in the view screen was difficult to see (now if I can figure out how to load the video with the iPhone). You might try viewing the video in full screen mode.

When I poke it, all the brown stuff seems to either release spores or it is all made up of bizillions of spores. It reminds me of the line Astronaut Dave says in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I paraphrase: It's full of spores!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bunny Pants and Pod Update

I just wanted to share this with you rabbit lovers out there. I found this pair of fleece pants at Target last year and couldn't pass them up.

The print features three bunnies wearing winter gear.

Two bunnies are wearing scarves.

The third bunny is wearing ear muffs.

I thought I really needed these bunny pants. In addition to being totally cute, they are warm and cozy on these cold winter nights. I would have gotten more than one pair, but this is the only pair they had. I think I was meant to have them.

For the pod watchers: no change that I can see. :-( Still debating whether to take matters into my own hands, but I'd like to see what happens naturally. There's also a bit of the Pandora's Box aspect to it that makes me want to leave it alone. I'll give it a few more days...

All this work and worry over the pod takes a lot out of me physically and intellectually. I think it's time to put on the bunny pants and have a nap.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pod Watch Continues

I haven't noticed much difference since the last post. I am really tempted to poke it or smash it, but I'd also like to see what happens if it is just left alone. However, if it just degrades into an eroded blob, I will be disappointed. Unfortunately, I think that is probably going to be the outcome. Here's the latest photo. Not much appears to be going on externally.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pod Update

The other day before the cold, wet, rainy, snowy weather, our alien seed pod looked as though it had been sprinkled lightly with sugar. Today it looks like a cupcake with the icing nibbled off.

Thanksgiving Day

Looking like a pumpernickel bun

Today after the rain and wintry weather

It was difficult to determine whether the white stuff was a powder or granular. I didn't want to touch it because I was afraid the whole thing might collapse. I also wonder if the white substance was spores or another type of fungus or mold.

I am enjoying watching the progress of the puffball, but is difficult to resist the temptation to stomp it and watch the fine, powdery spores spew up into the air. After the wet weather, I'm wondering about the condition of the spores inside. I am also amazed that the children in the neighborhood haven't noticed it and destroyed it. Thanksgiving Day I found a smaller one in the grass under some leaves about a foot away from this one. It had seen better days and had either collapsed or had been squashed. A fine mist of spores came out when I poked at it with a stick. I glanced at the smaller one today while making photos of the larger one, but didn't attempt any closer investigation.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buns in the Sun

We had a fine day yesterday and all the bunnies got to go outside for a while. Now it's been raining since last night and will probably continue for several more hours today. Rain, cold temperatures, and possible snow is forecast for the next couple of days, so it's a good thing they got some time outside in the sun.

The buns certainly enjoy the old Cottontail Cottage. Between the cats clawing on it and the buns chewing on it, it has seen better days, although it still has some good ones left. It was a gift from a friend and I really need to let her know that it was money well spent.

Mopsy enjoys time in the cottage while Gabby preens and tries out a ballet pose

Gabby gets her time in the cottage. They aren't very good about sharing. That pale blob at the very front of the entrance is a wad of bunfur from a disagreement over who got the ground floor.

Matilda being a shy girl after some fur pulling by one of the other two during one of the battles for the ground floor

Mopsy has reclaimed her spot

This time of year, we have considerable molting going on while they get their winter coats. Matilda's gray points change with the seasons.

Matilda showing off her new white earrings and nose spot for the winter fashion season

Not sure what Mopsy's trying to accomplish with her fashion statement. Maybe she's going for a sort of Bohemian look this winter. I see lots of bunny combing in my future.

Gabby wouldn't be still long enough for any fashion shots, but back up in the top photo she's showing off her white leggings in her ballet pose. She also looks as though she could use a shave--her molt is beginning around her face, making her look like Miss Chubby Cheeks.

I was up early feeding and watering everybun. It is cool, dark, and rainy. A nap is in order. All of us here at the Huntsville Bunstead hope all of you have a great day.

Coming soon: another alien seed pod update. Stay tuned.

(This was my second attempt at posting from my iPhone. It's a learning experience. At least my photos aren't posting sideways. I found the space to add labels, but haven't figured out how to control photo placement or how to add text after uploading photos, so I have to do a final edit with the computer. I guess I'll eventually get it.)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alien Seed Pod Watch Continues

After a few days it's looking like this. A quite overbaked biscuit. I'm wondering when it will explode and spores will be released everywhere.

(Wow! My first attempt to post from my iPhone. I wonder what it will look like "on the big screen?")

(Only seemed to need a slight amount of editing. One thing I can't quite figure out is the "Huntsville Huntsville" in the "Location" area and don't seem to be able to remove the extra Huntsville here. I did not see a place to add labels, so I've had to do that on the computer.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alien Seed Pod

This strange thing has been growing in our front yard for several days. We suspect alien activity and this is probably a seed pod left by the extraterrestrial visitors.

PetCat is willing to investigate from a distance.

A quarter is contaminated by being placed upon the pod to give a better idea of the size of the thing.

I dare to get close enough to almost touch it. The frame of reference seemed better using my hand than the quarter. It is about the size of an orange.

I don't think I've ever seen a puffball quite so large, although they can get much larger than this. This one is growing in an area of the yard where we've had fairy rings develop in the past.

Told ya it was an alien seed pod.

Check these links for more information on puffball fungi and fairy rings.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pants da Man

Pascal, known and loved as Jungle Pants, Pants Man, and Pants, weighs in around 20 pounds. He is the biggest cat we've ever had. He isn't just heavy, he's a big cat, tall and big-boned. When he was a tiny, tiny kitten we never dreamed he'd turn out to be such an incredible hulk. He is also one of the sweetest cats we've ever had. At his very first visit to the vet when he was just a tiny little handful of striped fuzz, the vet's assistant told us she'd read an article about brown tabbies that said they typically have the sweetest dispositions of all of cats. I don't know how reliable the article was, but Pants would certainly be a positive statistic that the author could add to his research.

Here is a photo from last year when he was crowding our little Pushkin out of a comfy pile of towels and spinning fiber left on the chair. Pushkin weighed the average 7-8 pounds and had a long, lanky, oriental-style physique. Pants is about 18 pounds in this photo, but is a big hulk even without the weight. Just look at the difference in the size of their heads. Pushkin seems to be saying "Hey, scoot over!!"

Trying to look remorseful after he pushed Pushkin out of the comfy snoozing place

Working on the Great Sphinx pose

Finally, a little attempt at art with the cell phone

That Pants. He da Man.*

*my bit for the spay/neuter campaign: he's neutered--if you love them, fix them

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The Twink has spoken.

Trying out my new cell phone camera. So far, I think the old one was probably better, but maybe things will improve once I get used to this one.

(after reading The Fab Furs' comment, I realized I needed to redo the title to do justice properly to the Twink)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Huntsville Botanical Gardens has a scarecrow trail each year during September and October. The scarecrow designs must interpret the designated theme of the year. The theme this year is "Every 'Crow Has A Story." Click here for more information. It is always lots of fun and quite amazing to see the imagination and creativity that local organizations, businesses, and schools put into designing their scarecrows. They have also added hay bale art this year which allows even more imaginative fun. I watched for weeks as they constructed "Black Cat" at the entrance of the botanical gardens and wanted to save posting the photos until closer to Halloween, but it is just too cute to save any longer.

This is located right at the entrance on Bob Wallace Avenue and is a real eye-catcher.

Front view. Get a load of those whiskers!

Left side

And the point of this adorable work of creativity is the local spay-neuter campaign.

If my schedule improves, I hope to be able to actually tour the scarecrow trail and post more photos of the wild and scary things folks have come up with to entertain us this year.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

(Click on the links for HBG information)

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Bunny Got Moves"

This video of happy little Billy Bunny posted by spekkiloxlv on YouTube is not to be missed. Enjoy!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fargo's Fish

Here ya go, Fargo. Finally found the fish photos from the water garden at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. They aren't great, but they are pictures of fish. And remember, you can click on them to enlarge. Happy wishing!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Water Garden

A shot of the water garden at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Problem Solving

I caught Twinkie in action in the window last summer when our AC was out...
(click on photos to enlarge The Twink)

Time for a good scratch

There's not really enough room--raise the window a little more, slave

What do you mean you have other things to do?

Can't believe I have to do this myself. Maybe I can push it up this way.

Let me take a good look at this thing.

Something here makes it work.

Now I got it...

Well, now I got it...

Got it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Afternoon Rainbow, August 8, 2011

After a late thunderstorm yesterday, there was an incredible rainbow in the east as the sun was setting. I was unable to photograph all of it because of the amount of sky it covered. The northern portion of the bow, although fairly faint, was visible from about 500-800 feet up and extended all the way up and across the sky to an elevation of at least 75 to 80 degrees, but then appeared to be obstructed by clouds. I think it was actually that the sun was so low in the sky that the prismatic phenomnenon of the sun shining through water droplets did not occur. The southern portion of the bow was mostly obscured except for the lowest portion which was extremely brilliant and presented a double bow image. Because I was driving and had access only to my cell phone camera, I was unable to get photos. When I could, I pulled off the road and got the southernmost part that, by the time I could photograph it, looked more like a sun dog than a rainbow. I have never seen such intense colors. The "trail" to the left of the the bow fragment is not a camera effect, but the brightness of the sky.The double portion of the bow is faintly visible to the right. This photo does not do justice to the brilliance of the light and color. It was made from the side of the road through the windshield of the van. Apologies for light poles, power lines, car interior, etc. When I tried getting shots out the car window, I got more street "stuff," gave up and just took what I could. Of the several photos I took, this one shows the intensity of the color of the bow the best. Click to enlarge.