Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Monday, August 15, 2011

Problem Solving

I caught Twinkie in action in the window last summer when our AC was out...
(click on photos to enlarge The Twink)

Time for a good scratch

There's not really enough room--raise the window a little more, slave

What do you mean you have other things to do?

Can't believe I have to do this myself. Maybe I can push it up this way.

Let me take a good look at this thing.

Something here makes it work.

Now I got it...

Well, now I got it...

Got it!


  1. Proves that cats have some of the same problems as buns, for instance, finding good help. Love the cloud photo!

  2. Twinkie is one of the most humorous cats we've ever owned. Her current thing is to jump up onto my shoulder from behind and perch there while I weave, knit, spin, eat...not always the most fun thing to have happen.

    FFs: yes, not only am I a bun slave, but a cat slave as well. I have not yet become a dog slave, but who knows.

    RG: I almost entitled this post "Cats Are Weird" just for you.

  3. Funny cat! Those photos are wonderful, like a little still-life video in action, or animated? I like the persistence too...sometimes you just have to do it yourself, when the "help" is too busy.
    Smile today. :)

  4. sooooooo CUTE!!
    it's easy to fall into 'slave' mode...i love cats!

  5. PS - so are cats owners weird! I mean - who else would capture and then post that fantastic sequence of shots - Hmmmm?

  6. What a character the Twink-meister is!!!!! Great pictures!