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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pod Update

The other day before the cold, wet, rainy, snowy weather, our alien seed pod looked as though it had been sprinkled lightly with sugar. Today it looks like a cupcake with the icing nibbled off.

Thanksgiving Day

Looking like a pumpernickel bun

Today after the rain and wintry weather

It was difficult to determine whether the white stuff was a powder or granular. I didn't want to touch it because I was afraid the whole thing might collapse. I also wonder if the white substance was spores or another type of fungus or mold.

I am enjoying watching the progress of the puffball, but is difficult to resist the temptation to stomp it and watch the fine, powdery spores spew up into the air. After the wet weather, I'm wondering about the condition of the spores inside. I am also amazed that the children in the neighborhood haven't noticed it and destroyed it. Thanksgiving Day I found a smaller one in the grass under some leaves about a foot away from this one. It had seen better days and had either collapsed or had been squashed. A fine mist of spores came out when I poked at it with a stick. I glanced at the smaller one today while making photos of the larger one, but didn't attempt any closer investigation.


  1. wow, I've never seen a puffball quite like that before!

  2. You were making me hungry with those food analogies and I started thinking maybe the last one looks like a bread bowl with purple soup? Anything can come from an alien seed pod, try not to sneeze (or breathe it in!)
    Smile today. :)

  3. OOO the last pic looks like it is gooshy inside. I want to put my finger in there and see!

  4. Why is it I feel like sneezing?!

  5. yep, sounds like a mold on a mold!
    when i first glanced at the first picture...not seeing your words yet...i thought it was a turtle shell!!

    anyway...some of the 'shrooms i see around here...DO get MORE fungus on the already fungus! ha!

    i hope the kids in the neighborhood don't find'll be interesting to see if it EXplodes...IMplodes...or what!! :)

  6. Not much appears to be going on. Hmm...

    I'm really enjoying the comments, though.