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Friday, August 12, 2011

Things in the Sky Tonight

Full moon
Perseid meteor shower
International Space Station

(click on each for websites)


  1. What a gorgeous picture! I could see myself on the beach...Hope we can see some of the showers here. The moon is so bright!

  2. i looked out last night, it was so cloudy...could not see a thing maybe tonight...i hope!! :) was it clear where you're at? could you see all the 'showering meteors' and the full moon? (you can ask me to keep it down if i howl too loud...) :)

  3. Well, it was cloudy here last night but I took the kids to the planetarium instead and we got a show of the summer night skies and what the meteor shower would look like...even better than our eyes could have seen in the sky. We have been enjoying some star filled nights this week and the beautiful bright moon too. Trying to keep my spirits up.
    Smile today. :)