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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Incur the Wrath of Mom

1. Get some chewing gum and chew it.
2. Once you are finished chewing the gum, politely wrap the chewed gum in its wrapper and stuff it into your pants pockets to discard properly later rather than throwing it on the ground or sticking it under any convenient surface.
3. Do steps 1 and 2 several times until you have accumulated several little balls of paper-covered gum in two or three of your pairs of pants or shorts.
4. Take the initiative to do your own laundry, but neglect to check your pockets before placing clothes in washer.
5. At end of wash cycle take clothes out of washer and place in Mom's dryer.
6. Dry clothes, but leave them in dryer until Mom needs to use it and removes them herself, finding all manner of bits of papers that had been stuffed in the pants pockets and have come out in the drying process, and gum sticking all over the interior of her nice, almost new, super-large capacity stainless steel dryer drum.
7. Volunteer to clean the dryer drum at your convenience, even after Mom expresses total disgruntlement at needing to use the dryer now, but finding it impossible to do so because of the chewing gum covering the interior of the dryer.
8. Make no move to show initiative to clean the dryer drum, causing Mom to do it herself.
9. Stay out of Mom's way for several days.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baseball and Fireworks

Only a little late, here are photos made with my cell phone of the 4th of July baseball game between the Huntsville Stars and the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. Also some not great photos of the fireworks afterward. Hubby's employer did one of those company picnic things that the ball team offers, "Dinner with the Stars" where you can get hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc. down on the field level, so we spent a good bit of the game under the big white canopy that you can see in some of the photos. Unfortunately, the Stars lost to the Jaxx with a final score of 10-4.

Batter Up!

He Swings!

Almost to Third

End of the Game

And the fireworks after the game