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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bunny Pants and Pod Update

I just wanted to share this with you rabbit lovers out there. I found this pair of fleece pants at Target last year and couldn't pass them up.

The print features three bunnies wearing winter gear.

Two bunnies are wearing scarves.

The third bunny is wearing ear muffs.

I thought I really needed these bunny pants. In addition to being totally cute, they are warm and cozy on these cold winter nights. I would have gotten more than one pair, but this is the only pair they had. I think I was meant to have them.

For the pod watchers: no change that I can see. :-( Still debating whether to take matters into my own hands, but I'd like to see what happens naturally. There's also a bit of the Pandora's Box aspect to it that makes me want to leave it alone. I'll give it a few more days...

All this work and worry over the pod takes a lot out of me physically and intellectually. I think it's time to put on the bunny pants and have a nap.


  1. love that title...i was wondering on my way over here...
    ok, the bunny has pants on?

    wait, she has a cat named pants, right? maybe pants has bunny ears on!

    OH!!!!! those BUNNY pants are YOU!!
    have a nice nap...ZZZzzzzzzzz

  2. oops...forgot to say...maybe the POD will give in...and DO SOMETHING soon!!

  3. Perhaps the pod will change into.......another pair of bunny pants!

  4. Those pants were must just for YOU!! keep watching for the pod....

  5. LOVE those pants! It would be really cool if the pod burst open on Christmas or New Years day.....

  6. Well, now you've done it...Mary saw these bunny pants and wants some for Christmas! Maybe our Target has some here? She loves to send me on wild chases to find her things and always waits until the final weeks...she knows that's when I'll start looking.
    Smile today. :)

  7. Laura's: lol! I thought the title was ambiguous and decided go leave it that way.

    Gloria: if you can't find them at Target try looking at their website. I havent looked this year. Maybe they have more in for the winter season. You might also try an Internet search to see what comes up.

    For the rest of you Pod Watchers: a Christmas or NewYear's "opening"-- or explosion--would be great!

  8. Maybe the pod is a christmas prent.

    HUGE, HUGE apologies for dropping this blog off the list over at House of Rabbits. I was doing some house cleaning a few weeks ago and ... well, the help here you know. Fortunately my able assistant, BL, has, once again, set me straight, temporarily.

  9. Your blog is amazing: from alien seed pods to fleece bunny pants at target. i'm going to see if they have those at my tartet. i wear fleece pants under my shiny ones (that deflect bunny fur) because it's so cold in here all the time.

    Anyway ... love what you've got here. Just need a BIG stringer of fish :)

  10. RG: no apologies necessary, at all. I am a bit slow cranking out posts and would understand, anyway. Since my focus isn't always bunnies, it would be a natural thing for you to want to keep more to bunblogs. I have some on my reading list that arent on the sidebar snd sime that i thought I'd added that arent there 'cause I'm slightly techno-challenged. Anyway, The Lady has straightened you out, so whatever she says, HOP TO IT!!

    LOS: Lordy mercy, Lady!! How will I ever maintain the high level of blogging you've just credited me with!?! Thank you, so much. I'm working on the fish thing--OMmmmm

  11. I WANT BUNNY PANTS!!! I guess I need to keep reading down to learn what "the pod" is exactly?