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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Pod! The Pod!

I fear my title is misleading. Nothing really weird or creepy has emerged and it hasn't exploded.

Curiosity is about to overwhelm me. I finally went out and poked around on it. I'm afraid a few more rainy days and neighborhood kids or dogs might be the death of it, so I'm really hoping it survives to whatever level of development is next (maybe this is it). It's looking like a bad chocolate mousse or something, but has a rather powdery, soft texture. When I poked it, "dust" came out--spores, I expect. Here's a photo and I've tried a video. Apologies for the cinematography. It was quite bright out and the image in the view screen was difficult to see (now if I can figure out how to load the video with the iPhone). You might try viewing the video in full screen mode.

When I poke it, all the brown stuff seems to either release spores or it is all made up of bizillions of spores. It reminds me of the line Astronaut Dave says in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I paraphrase: It's full of spores!


  1. were u wearing a REbreather mask when you did that??
    ((just kidding!!))


    yeah..we have those here too...but TINY ones...nothing like THAT one! are you sure you don't live in TX?? ha!
    the ones i've poked at with a stick...have a little hole in the top where the smoke comes out...and i THINK they turn into those cool EARTHSTARS!! :)

  2. What I find fascinating is that it barks like dog when you poke it! wow, who knew?

  3. I dont know, the way it is barking is kind of disturbing. I think its an alien dog or an alien just trying to disguise itself as a dog.