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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Beloved Pet RIP

PetCat   1998-2012

Photo: RIP  PetCat. 1998-2012

Photo: RIP  PetCat. 1998-2012


He came to us in July 1999, a nine-month old kitten. He had belonged to John's dad who had passed away then. He was a farm kitty. Loved to be outside except during thunderstorms when he would beg to come in and hide or curl up near one of us. These last few years, as he got older, he did enjoy being inside more during the coldest weather. The rest of the time he was outside chasing leaves, bugs, sleeping in the sun on the porch.
 He crossed the Bridge sometime after midnight last night (11/5/12). Not sick. The victim of a predator.  Coyote or maybe a big hawk or owl.  He just would not stay in the house. I last saw him, petted, and talked to him sometime around midnight when I went out to do my routine late-night check. Please guard your beloved pets. 
Our little Pester, who has to be forced to come in the house, is also missing at this time. I don't know if she is also a victim or if she' s hiding out, but at least I haven't found any remains, so I'm guardedly hopeful at this time (Tuesday afternoon). Her tortoise shell coloring makes it easy for her to hide, so I can't always see her. She isn't in the shelter. Whatever got PetCat could have frightened her sufficiently to keep her away for a while. She's younger and agile and fast. I hope she's safe.

Pester update (Tuesday night): She's here. All curled up in her little shelter on the front porch. I might just have to go out there and drag her in shortly. Don't want whatever got PetCat to come back tonight--or ever.

Sweet old PetCat, you will be missed.
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