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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alien Seed Pod

This strange thing has been growing in our front yard for several days. We suspect alien activity and this is probably a seed pod left by the extraterrestrial visitors.

PetCat is willing to investigate from a distance.

A quarter is contaminated by being placed upon the pod to give a better idea of the size of the thing.

I dare to get close enough to almost touch it. The frame of reference seemed better using my hand than the quarter. It is about the size of an orange.

I don't think I've ever seen a puffball quite so large, although they can get much larger than this. This one is growing in an area of the yard where we've had fairy rings develop in the past.

Told ya it was an alien seed pod.

Check these links for more information on puffball fungi and fairy rings.


  1. That is an alien seed pod. I am sure of it. Fairy rings are just plain nifty.

  2. oooooh...fairy rings and alien!
    you must have a magical yard...

    wow...that's a good sized puffball. i know they get a lot bigger than that...but i've never seen one in person, even as big as THAT one!!

  3. We grow puffballs in our yard too, much smaller. When I was a kid we'd stomp on them and "explode" them.

  4. Cats understand aliens, faeries, and otherworldly things.

  5. Christina and laurak: yes fairy rings are really neat. Lately I've seen several in yards here in Huntsville. Hmm...

    Clovie Boy: I've stomped a few puffballs in my time--those white ones that spew out the yellow dust. No telling how many spores I inhaled during my childhood. Maybe that's why I'm so weird.

    FFurs: you are right. PetCat is actually communicating with the aliens, but, of course, he would not tell me what they talked about.

  6. Alien seed pods are pretty cool. I haven't seen one that size for a long time, we used to have plenty of shrooms in Washington and the kids would stomp all over them, prentending they were the fairies, thinking they would hold them up?
    Smile today. :)

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