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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pants da Man

Pascal, known and loved as Jungle Pants, Pants Man, and Pants, weighs in around 20 pounds. He is the biggest cat we've ever had. He isn't just heavy, he's a big cat, tall and big-boned. When he was a tiny, tiny kitten we never dreamed he'd turn out to be such an incredible hulk. He is also one of the sweetest cats we've ever had. At his very first visit to the vet when he was just a tiny little handful of striped fuzz, the vet's assistant told us she'd read an article about brown tabbies that said they typically have the sweetest dispositions of all of cats. I don't know how reliable the article was, but Pants would certainly be a positive statistic that the author could add to his research.

Here is a photo from last year when he was crowding our little Pushkin out of a comfy pile of towels and spinning fiber left on the chair. Pushkin weighed the average 7-8 pounds and had a long, lanky, oriental-style physique. Pants is about 18 pounds in this photo, but is a big hulk even without the weight. Just look at the difference in the size of their heads. Pushkin seems to be saying "Hey, scoot over!!"

Trying to look remorseful after he pushed Pushkin out of the comfy snoozing place

Working on the Great Sphinx pose

Finally, a little attempt at art with the cell phone

That Pants. He da Man.*

*my bit for the spay/neuter campaign: he's neutered--if you love them, fix them


  1. What gorgeous cats!! 20 pounds, wow. Miaou to them.

  2. Pants, the Brown Tabby poster boy of cuteness!

  3. I just love his eyes in his "remorseful" picture. And his stripes. Good thing he's sweet at that size, though!

  4. I'm sure he's very lovable...20 lbs like Emily...she grew into her tail and head too, used to fit into one hand! Amazing how they grow to become such wonderful cats.
    Smile today. :)

  5. Love the cell shot ~ he looks wild!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blogpost about earthball fungi. They are very similar to puff balls but they don't have holes in the top so they don't 'puff'

  7. Pants is almost as big as BL - Holy Cow!

  8. and what a handsome man Pants is!!! he sure is da man...a BIG man!! :)

  9. Big snuggly cats are the best :) Some day I would like a large tabby.