Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

First look out the window Christmas morning.

Looking out the front door

Backseat photographer making pictures on the way to daughter's apartment on campus

Even though it continued to snow throughout the day, the streets weren't too bad, mostly just wet,

thanks to temperatures hovering right around freezing

and these hard working Alabama "snow plows"

Not many folks on campus during Christmas; all quiet at the fitness center

and even on Greek Row

Later temperatures dropped and streets began icing over. Several were closed, including I-565, Memorial Parkway, and other roads at higher elevations, but we got home just fine after a fun Christmas Day with the family on campus.


  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas Bunnits! I have not ventured out since it started snowing...I'm on strike! Let me know when it gets up to 70 again and I'll be happy!!

  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! We had a lot of snow in early December and its been colder than its every been! It has warmed up now though nad in fact its raining! Best wishes for 2011!

  3. Awesome! We went to my dad's house in the afternoon for family & chili then straight back home for some hot toddies! (...with my cuddleduds on!)
    Thanks for the neat-o photos!

  4. Lol! GHT: thanks for the compliment. One day I hope to have better photographic equipment once again. My cell phone and the Coolpix just don't do the trick. Sometimes I think of dragging out the old pre-digital SLR's that I so loved using, but messing with getting film processed is a pain these days. I used to do my own black and white when I had darkroom access. Those were the days!