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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday's Snow and Beyond

Snow Saturday night and all day Sunday, into Monday. Not much accumulation, but fun to watch. Here I was driving to Guntersville on Sunday around noon to pick up Robert. The foggy stuff in the distance is the snow really beginning to come down. Not much detail. Never sure how these aim-and-shoot photos will turn out, since I can't look at the view screen and drive at the same time.

Stopped at the Shell Station in New Hope to get some shots of the snow flakes aka giant snow blobs.

On the way back, Robert got this shot of accumulation on a field. The dark spot is standing water. With daily temperatures not getting above 30 and down into the teens at night it has been frozen now since Sunday evening.

Today snow is only left in shady spots and on icy surfaces like this little frozen pond just down from the Gunter's Landing gatehouse.

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