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Friday, December 17, 2010


(sundog, Dec 17, 2010; as usual, click to enlarge)

Still having computer woes. No relief in sight. Saw two more sundogs this afternoon. Too cool. Took bad photos of them with the cell phone. The weather is much milder here today--anything is better than 12 degrees. Cats, rabbits, and dogs are doing well and trying to find mischief to get into. Finally got new glasses to replace the ones I broke last year. They look just about like the pair before the last ones. Liked the last ones best, but these have magnetic clip-on sunglasses. They are supposed to be the new generation of Transitions lenses, too, but I can't tell any difference. The clip-ons are handy when in the car because the tinted windows inhibit the darkening function of the Transitions lenses. Christmas is rapidly approaching and I'm not ready.


  1. That's an incredible sky! What exactly is a sundog?

  2. One of the things you need to do before Christmas is to leave computer ads lying around the house with pertinent details marked. Then just figure out what is left that has to be done for Christmas and what things you enjoy doing and stop there. Isn't it wonderful how animals live in the moment? And aren't they cute when they chew things up, as long as they don't get electrocuted or ill in the process? I gave up on Transitions when I realized they never got dark enough for my eyes. It's a pain to switch out clear glasses for dark glasses, but my eyes are happier. I wish more places still did the photochromics in glass, but they insist that the plastic lenses are better, hah!

  3. what an amazing sky! Sorry your computer situation is still so bad...

  4. I'm never ready for Christmas Bunnits! Hope the computer issue goes away soon!

  5. Karen: post on sundog information coming soon

    Fab Furs: these new glasses are supposed to be the "new generation" of Transitions and are supposed to change quicker. So far, I'm not happy with them. They don't seem to be getting dark enough. Fortunately, I got frames that have magnetic clip-on sunglasses for use in the car when the UV sensitive lenses don't work as well because of the tinted window.
    Your comment on critters chewing: the buns used to chew tiny little holes in blankets, shirts, anything else. It looked as though someone had been using a hole punch on all the chewed items.

    FFurs, Craft Green and Eve: no computer relief yet; maybe not at all--I'll just have to make do and will probably transfer files from my laptop to an external hard drive so that I can access the information.

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