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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Tired of the tech problems, so here are some old photos that I hope you enjoy.

Matilda shows off the bun nose

Periwinkle shows off his good luck charm

LillieBun in a favorite spot

Pester checking out the truck

Unknown sheep ladies

Football Bun

Twink learning to spin

Kids check out kids at the museum


  1. All are great Bunnits!!! I'm glad you posted...I got a good laugh out of the Football Bun!!!

  2. Thanks, Eve. I'm really ready to try to get the laptop fixed. If I get a new one for Christmas [hint to family] I'll just have to get everything off the hard drive of the old one.

  3. Pictures of furs are ageless. Good luck with the hinting campaign.

  4. Great Photos! I especially like Periwinkle's good luck charm :-)


  5. Really cute photos! The football bun reminds me a bit of Emily these days. She's tucking herself in with all these cold days, have to break out more afghans to share.
    Smile today. :)

  6. OG: glad you like the silly photos. I like the rabbit's foot picture, too. I just had to have one--the whole rabbit--for good luck, I guess. Then I got another. And another. And...

  7. Lovely selection of photos! Oh Lillie Bun is adorable!

  8. OH!!!! i love the pictures!! all the happy smiley faces...and noses...and feet....!! ha!!

    and those lady sheep...look like they're ready to P A R T Y!!!!!

  9. Oh how lovely Melissa. LillieBun and the sheep are my favourites. Hope your technical problems get sorted soon.