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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Buns at Rest

A couple of shots of Gabby and Matilda chillin' in the bunny pen. The other two wouldn't be still long enough to photograph.

The grassy areas in the pens are just about gone from hopping and munching and dry weather these last few weeks, but the dirt makes a cool place to relax.

I find it interesting that the color of Matilda's points varies through the weeks. Always darker after a molt, they fade to pale gray before she begins another one. Not having done much research on Californians, I don't know if this is a usual trait of the breed or if it is possible that she is not purebred. At any rate, she is a lovely, large, pink-eyed bunny with a mind of her own and quite dear to me, although she does have a bit of bunitude now and then. Then there's Gabby, a Britianna Petite mix--just too cute, but not the most sociable bunny. Her bunitude abounds, but you gotta love her.


  1. Those are really cute photos...I love the bunnitude too. They look like they are enjoying their resting spot, must be cool closer to the ground...funny how animals sprawl out like that to get cooler. Smile today. :)

  2. Love those bunny legs. Gabby looks like she's been "goosed"n that second picture!

  3. What cute buns. Total relaxation for Matilda by the looks of it. Love the "bunitude" - great description.

  4. A bunny without bunnitude is not a bunny! These two look very comfortable, both in their spot and in their bunniness.

  5. A cozy, happy pair - and a BIG 2nd for the tail!!!

  6. Those two are something else. They both have enough personality for several buns.

    Ha ha ha! Karen, Gabby does look like she's been goosed. Probably had been. Sometimes they are a bit rude with each other. :)

  7. They are just so sweet Bunnits!! Did you get my email? If not let me know.

  8. Need help from cat people. Kitty Boy (aka KB) digs a hole in his litter box, but then perches on the edge of litter. It is very hard for him to balance on narrow surface, using all four paws.

    Oddest thing I've ever seen. He's always done it. Then he covers up the stuff and moves on.

    Doesn't matter what kind of litter we use. He prefers the clumping one; so do we. Well ... we prefer it for him, not us.

    How little we know about animals.

    I won't have internet until Monday pm. Maybe you'll have gathered some info by then. Thanks!

    Very strange cat. Maybe he's come to the right place. We're all pretty far left of center here.

  9. BL, we've been through similar situations with a couple of cats. I'll email you with some suggestions that sometimes work.

  10. Matilda looks to be a really looong bunny.
    Love your new header picture.