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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to the Salt Mines

Started a new job on Monday. That's me in the right foreground. Kind of kookie hours, but I can't complain after having been unemployed for 18 months. Besides, my normal routine (routine? what's that?) is pretty kookie, anyway, so it's really pretty much a fit for me. Best part is no standing for long hours at a stretch (my arthritic hip is thankful), no digging square holes in the ground and screening heavy loads of dirt for artifacts (again, my hip thanks me), and I get paid (my bank account thanks me). Worst part is that it cuts into the time I have to spend enjoying everyone's blogs and tending to my own. Well. . . could be worse.

Cigar factory workers 1927; RenBoggio at photobucket (


  1. Well light up a nice big stogie and be thankful for good work ...

  2. Can you see it? Me with both fists in the air screaming No! I love reading your posts! however I do understand, Bills come first!
    I hope your job is plesant!

  3. Good for you! Send some luck my way...I'm still out there scraping the sidewalks, looking for people to beg for a job (that approach doesn't seem to be working.) But I still look forward to whatever posts you can manage to find time for...I'm doing the same so I hope you will visit when you can get a minute. Smile today. :)

  4. i guess a congrats is in order, eh? gotta pay those bills...they just don't stop!! good luck & hope you like whatever you're doing! we'll all be looking forward to your posts... :)

  5. Well, folks, since I don't post every day, I don't think the job will impact my posting that much, but I might not get around to everyone's blogs as often as I like.

    Bunns, if I were a smoking man, that's exactly what I'd do, and maybe add a good Scotch to the recipe. Although, BL's vodka martini with extra olives is really my preference.

    Gloria, I hope your transition is going smoothly and I hope something opens up for you in the employment endeavor. Job hunting is not much fun, especially when you keep getting turned down or don't get an interview to start with. Been there...

    Crafty, I do wish I had such a lovely work environment as you. I was lucky those seven years each at two museum that were surrounded by forests and parks. Balm for the soul.

  6. I wouldn't even know where to begin to find a place to work Bunnits. I wish an idea would hit me in the head!! Hope you like what you are doing and enjoy the extra income!