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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scenic North Alabama: Guntersville Dam near Guntersville, Alabama

Guntersville Dam, North; spillways, locks, and fishing area (before the recent heavy rains)

The same view after the rains; more than half the upper walkway is under water (photo on left) and all of the lower walkway(photo on right) where we often fish is submerged

Spillways open; south side of dam after recent flooding

Submerged guard rail on south side of dam with herons

Guntersville Reservoir above the dam

Part of Lake Guntersville with waterfowl; recreation area near Guntersville city limits

Sun on the lake below the dam


  1. Those are some really good photos and nice to remember what it was like before all this weather catastrophe hit this entire area, between the tornadoes and flooding around here, it sure is nice to see the bright sunshine again. Very pretty view on your last shot too.
    Smile today. :)

  2. Thanks, Gloria. It was amazing to see our fishing spot so far under water. Of course, the water at our old favorite Ditto Landing here in Huntsville was really high, too. The spillways at the dams are really neat with the water rushing over them. The day before this trek we had driven over to Wilson Dam. That was pretty awesome. I'll be posting photos of that soon.

  3. Great photos Melissa. That weather sounds awesome.

  4. I grew up in western New York where we had electricity generated by the Rober Moses Power Plant in Niagara Falls. A wonderful energy source. Thank you for the photo tour.

  5. one day i hope i would make it to these places .. :)