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Monday, September 8, 2008

Off to the Cape

I dropped my husband off at the airport this morning for his week at Cape Canaveral. It doesn't look like Ike is going to be much of a threat to the Cape. The biggest problem for that area will be if they have to evacuate the Miami area and everyone heads north. In the meantime, here's another Ike graphic from NOAA ( I'm sure that you are all getting plenty of information on Ike from the weather reports.

Here is a recent photo from NOAA of Ike raging over Cuba. It's really hitting hard down there. Let's hope that it doesn't gain strength when it hits the warm waters of the Gulf.

A friend of ours was stranded in Haiti during
Hurricane Gustav's rampage. He'd gone down on August 19th with a group from our church to do some work at our mission there and to attend the ceremony in which one of the brothers took his final vows at the monastery. Everyone made preparations to ride out the storm. They had 40 inches of rain over a 24 hour period. Winds reached 70 miles per hour. Flights were cancelled. After considerable delay, our friend arrived at the airport on Thursday, Aug. 28th along with 750 other people trying to get home. We were glad to have him back safe and sound.


  1. How horrible for you over there having to cope with three hurricanes in short succession. We also get the depression and the wind and rain from the tail end of the hurricanes but what you have over the pond must be a million times worse.I will keep my fingers crossed that they won't be anymore for a long while.

  2. Oh, thanks. It isn't so bad up here in this part of Alabama. We get the rain, wind, and tornadoes spawned by the hurricanes, but the folks in the more southern areas, in Florida and on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts really have been through it over the last few years. It really looked like Gustav was going for New Orleans, only three years after Katrina devastated much of the Gulf, but it went to the west where a relative's family lives. They had to evacuate, but it wasn't as bad as predicted. Over on the Atlantic side, I always keep hoping that the storms won't wash away the old lighthouses like those on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and others.