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Monday, September 1, 2008

Green Knitting

Inspired by Mary, one of my knitting and spinning friends, I decided to knit a few bags to try to minimize the number of plastic bags I use when shopping. Mary was knitting the Everlasting Bagstopper she found on Knitty, designed by Amy R. Singer (, as a Christmas gift for a friend and I thought I'd do one. Our bags vary from the original pattern a little. Rather than the hemp that the pattern calls for, we are using cotton because it is easy to find. I'm doing this one in two of Sugar and Cream's colors: Soft Teal # 01009 for the base and Butter Cream Ombre #00222 for the rest of the bag. I think I will switch back to the teal for the top of the bag. I am also using only one set of needles, size 9 Addi Turbos. It seems that Mary was using 7's. Whatever she used, I really liked the way the bag was working up and wanted to make one.
I am thinking of omitting the drawstring that Amy puts in so that the bag can be stuffed into itself for stowing in a purse. I might also do a different treatment of the top--maybe a drawstring made from I-cord, maybe not. I'll just have to see how I feel when I get to that point.

This is an easy pattern and fun to knit. My knitting tends to go slowly because I am bad about putting projects down and not picking them back up for several days. This is a good project for those times when you need something to do while waiting in places like doctors' offices (which I did recently and got quite a lot done on it). I usually keep one or two simple projects going just for waiting room knitting. It really helps to pass the time. If you are a knitter and haven't checked out Knitty, I strongly recommend you give it a look.


  1. Hi M.
    I really like the job you are doing on that bag. I've been wanting to knit a grocery bag but haven't found the "perfect" pattern. I'll have to check out the Knitty pattern.

  2. It looks really beautiful - those colours are great together.

  3. The bag is so cute. I love the colors

  4. Oooooh love the bag! I have saved a few patterns and my plan is to knit a few shopping bags for myself. So far I haven't even bought any yarn!

  5. Thanks for your comments on the bag. I really am enjoying knitting it. You should all give it a try. There are several other cool shopping bag patterns on Knitty that I'd like to try, too.

  6. Hi new Lesser Know Skein! I love your blog and will visit and comment often.
    Your yarn is awesome!