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Friday, April 8, 2011


Buns were out in the playpens today and I was able to get some photos of Matilda enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Click to enlarge--if you dare.

I'm not sure what the deal is with her coloration. Although I did not buy her as a purebred, she is supposed to be a Californian, but the intensity of the coloring on her points changes seasonally and with almost every molt. She ends up with interesting color patches and little dark rings at the base of her ears.

This one has a sort of portrait quality about it. I think it might become one of my favorite photos of her.

I like the way the sun shining through her ear shows the veins in this one.

This one speaks for itself: The End.


  1. Nice work with the photos. Matilda is beautiful I love her earrings.

  2. WHAT A CUTIE!!! Matilda DOES look a little like a California girl...lazing in the sun!!

    love her markings! the rings around her ears...and that shot of the sun peeking through...GREAT!!

    happy sunday to your and your fuzzy friends!

  3. I just love how bunnies are so cute!

  4. She take my money and run Venezuela!!!! (Dang cutey)

  5. Lol, RG, sometimes I sing that to her. She just looks at me like I'm crazy. So do my kids. Geez, these young folks!

  6. What a beautiful bunny Matilda is.

  7. The little portrait would be great to hang on your wall, and I would include the portrait of the last photo too, for good measure. Cute!
    Smile today. :)