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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bunnies and Spinning Wheel

I often sit and spin in the backyard when I put the buns out in the playpens. We have several hawks and owls in the area, so I have to be on guard for bunny snatchers.

My little Kromski "Mazurka" spinning wheel. You can see Matilda in the background and Lillie's head just peeping out from her hidey.

Lillie checking things out to see what's going on.

Mazurka detail

Matilda thinks she', too.

Another Mazurka detail

Mopsy disapproves of the whole thing as she perches on her favorite hidey, a recycled cat litter bin painted to blend in a bit more with the surroundings.

A wad of fiber--wool and silk blend. I'm calling it Cinnamon Swirl. I got this at Little Barn fiber shop in Harvest, Alabama back in January.

Lillie stays in her hidey.

Flyer and bobbin--the parts that twist the fiber into yarn and wind it into a controlled mess.

Another flyer and bobbin shot. Both parts turn, but at different rates, so the fiber gets twisted, then wound onto the bobbin. The flyer is the twister and the bobbin is the spool for winding. The "strings" on the back side of the unit (left side of photo) are the drive band. The drive mechanism works sort of like the chain and gears on a bicycle. One goes into a groove on the bobbin and the other in a groove on the flyer. The smaller one on the bobbin turns faster than the larger one on the flyer. This flyer has two grooves (some have more), graduated in size, and the smaller one spins the flyer at a faster rate.

Closeup of spun yarn

Mopsy says, "Are we done yet?"


  1. Your yarn spinning postings are quite educational, I've learned more from them than watching demonstrations at the fair. Is this the first time the buns have been out lately, or are they usually wary of the outdoors?

  2. Oh! Thanks, FFs. Glad to be able to shed some light. I have lots of experience explaining spinning to kids and adults in a living history setting. Even though it is a simple process, it has very high tech mechanical and physical aspects. I usually avoid those and try to use familiar analogies as much as possible.

    The buns get out every chance when the weather is good, but they were spooked because of noise and a neighborhood dog uproar because of some explosions from testing over on Redstone Arsenal.

  3. I have learned a lot too! When you first started talking about fiber in your van, I thought you were having heathly snacks when you travel!

  4. One more time through that post and I'm reday for the test!

    Keep the bunns safe and your head down. Horrible looking weather news back there.

  5. do you ever use shed bunny fluff to spin with? Or is it not suitable?

  6. wow!! pretty amazing how you can turn a WAD of fiber into beautiful yarn!!
    it's so cool you can just 'pull over' and SPIN where ever you feel the urge...

    and as the little on-lookers with the long ears! :]

  7. What a beautiful wheel. Hope you and your family and your home and your pets fared well with the terrible storms blasting through!

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