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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let Me Out!!

Matilda seems to be thinking that "going outside to play" doesn't mean being stuck in the bunny pens. When we made the first one, we used "rabbit wire" that is designed to keep rabbits out of your veggies. We figured we could use it to keep rabbits in. To keep rabbits from getting into Mr. McGregor's garden, the rectangles in the wire mesh are small at the bottom, but get larger at the top to allow you to reach through and harvest all the veggie goodies. Miss Matilda decided early on that she could stretch herself up to the highest, largest rectangles and just boost herself out of the enclosure. Yep, it wasn't long before I was looking at Matilda on the outside of the fencing, just hopping around having a grand time. Thank goodness she didn't decide to play bunny tag. I snatched her up and put her back in, watched her try several more times, then had to put her in bunny jail while I went back to Tractor Supply and bought chicken wire to cover the upper portion of the rabbit wire. Fixed her wagon. I think.


  1. Let's do the math:

    rabbit wire + zero= free bun

    rabbit wire + chicken wire= bun needs to find another escape method

    bun + bun = booster bun, results in 1 free bun

    bun + bun + digging = tunnel to freedom for 2

    Bun math is fun math.

    Buns have mad math skills.

  2. bunnies are such fun! Lacy, our dearly departed boy (thought he was a girl) used to run to the gate to greet us when he heard the car coming! The neighborhood kids adored him hopping around in the yard, too! He did this for many years before he discovered THE DIGGING! Then he had to go into a pen, hated that, thankfully he had reached old bunny age & didn't have too live too terribly long caged.
    Thanks for your kind post on my blog!
    God bless

  3. Except for just scratching around in the grass and dirt, these buns have not done any real DIGGING. I often check around the perimeter of the bunny pens to see if anyone has gotten wise, but they're either not doing any serious digging or they are concealing their escape tunnels. I guess they get enough of digging and pushing the litter in their cages. Or that's what they want me to think.

  4. Oh my Matilda!!! Don't you be getting out of your pen!!!
    What cuties!

  5. oh gish, yes bunnies can be great escape artists, funny they're not digging,

  6. Poor, cute little Matilda. She just wanted an exciting adventure (bet she didn't know that perhaps Mr. McGregor was on the lookout for her).

  7. We keep meaning to fence in our garden, let our bun in, keep others out. I guess Hef doesn't want to share his nice veggies.

  8. Been there, done that too! It takes a LOT of determination and trips to the farm-supply to keep up with the little pistols!

  9. Matilda is one LARGE bunny. She's so cute.
    I love the new header picture.

  10. What a good game, try to pen in the bunny and the bunny will figure out how to escape.