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Friday, August 6, 2010

Morning Sky

This morning I had an opportunity to see some iridescent clouds on the way to Gunter's Landing near Guntersville at about 6:30. I had watched the sky as the sun was rising, but I was driving and really had to be careful. I was treated to some really good color just before turning into the Gunter's Landing drive, but could not make photos. I stopped as soon as I could, but the color was less intense and, as usual, I only had my phone to make the pictures. The iridescent area is in the lower center of the photo, below and just above the darker, thinner gray cloud that was at a lower altitude. The colors ran the visible light spectrum, with each cloud exhibiting a rainbow effect, but by the time I could make the photo, I knew my little camera probably would not be able to pick them up. Clicking on the photo might give a better look at the colors.

Iridescent clouds are similar to nacreous clouds, but not as intense. Check out the Atmospheric Optics website for more information on all sorts of neat things and great photos.


  1. I had so many beautiful sunrises and sets at my house in NY Bunnits. I had no trees to block the view. Now, although I love the woods, would have to drive to see them. Here is a post of one of the last sunsets I had before we moved to Alabama.

  2. Those are some beautiful skies, so nice to see your photos today. I haven't had the chance to post any good photos lately, but I try to keep taking them and staying positive. This has been the longest summer! Smile today. :)

  3. Gloria, judging from your recent photos, you should be able to get some fantastic sky shots.

    And, not only has the summer been long, it's been really, really hot, too. Stay cool. :-)

    Eve, thanks for that awesome photo.

  4. beautiful clouds, I love the light on them

  5. Clouds. Love them. :) They're always so different and fascinating. As is all of God's creation!

  6. OMGoodness, I can't believe you captured such a gorgeous pic with your phone!!! It is OUTSTANDING!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...most especially for your prayers!

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