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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From One Year to the Next

It's 11:35 CST and 2008 is almost over. Boy, what a year! I have been thinking of doing a sort of "Year in Review," but haven't gotten around to it; maybe in this post, with a brief break to see in the New Year and drink a glass of champagne. I'll start this post this year and finish it next year. A few things have been particularly memorable. Let's see:

January: Life pretty much as usual--or at least what I remember of it

A little snow on the mountain

February: About like January

March: Ditto; I attend a couple of spinning workshops; youngest son completes requirements and earns his Life Scout rank, begins looking ahead to completing requirements for Eagle before turning 18 in September; husband steps down from three years as Scoutmaster back to Assistant Scoutmaster

Handspun for handknitting

Color in spinning

Life Scout with parents

Dad retires as Scoutmaster

April: I start this blog and get new glasses

New Transitions lenses

Seem to work outside even in shade

Spring comes to the Valley

May: Oldest son's birthday (37th); progress on Eagle Scout requirements continues, planning and preliminary work for Eagle project begins

Calling all blood donors, 5/31/08

June: Daughter made honors scholars' list at college with a 3.9 average for the semester and 3.7 overall; husband's birthday (58th); work on Eagle Scout requirements plods along; Eagle Scout project on June 8

7:00 a.m., 6/8/08: setting up for the blood drive

Folks waiting to donate

A few project helpers relaxing at the snack table at the end

Blood drive is a success: 64 units collected

Clearing out: 2:00 p.m., 6/8/08; putting away chairs

July: Must be something other than my birthday (57th), but I can't think of anything; gas prices too high to go on vacation anywhere, but we drive up to Chattanooga and go to Ruby Falls; youngest son still working on Eagle Scout stuff (two of the required merit badges require 12 weeks of planning, activities, and record keeping, another requires 13 weeks of same); Eagle Scout project report in progress

I'd like to be here

I get to go here
Ruby Falls or a UFO?

"Stalagstuff" in the caverns

He thinks he's heard this story before

August: I celebrate my one-year anniversary of no longer being a museum employee after many years in the profession; son still working on Eagle requirements; Eagle project report is finished

Back in the living history days

I really dig living history

Adjusting the spinning wheel

September: We celebrate our 38th anniversary; youngest son turns 18, completes last Eagle requirement the day before his birthday and gets all paperwork signed off and turned in, Eagle board of review pending

Some signs of autumn here and there

October: Garage catches on fire, youngest son saves our house, our rabbits, and probably our lives; I want to write about the fire, but can't; we get Dixie;

Charred water heater

Washer and water heater

It used to be a paper towel rack

Remains of some Christmas decorations

Some of the damage to the ceiling

Preparing to chew

November: Our daughter turns 21; we give thanks for having a house to live in and being alive; repairs on garage begin, but progress is slow and intermittent; we end up with the biggest water heater I've ever seen and I think it's really the second stage of a Saturn V rocket

Daughter with a friend at the botanical gardens

My girl

The new water heater

December: Our son's board of review for Eagle Scout was successful and he is now an Eagle Scout, Court of Honor TBA, probably in February or March with his other two new troop Eagles; construction on garage plods along, with the painters just coming yesterday and today (12/30 and 12/31) to do repairs to sheetrock, but we have a lovely new back garage door, the giant 80-gallon water heater, and new washer, dryer, and shelves, so far

New washer, new door, huge new water heater, and lots of painting to do

Just happy to be here

It is now 2009. Happy New Year.


  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I have enjoyed looking at your blog today and will continue to come back and read if you dont mind. Happy New Year

  2. hahahaha "i really dig living history"
    and that one of Dad and Robert is funny, too.

  3. Enjoyed the year in review. Lovely pictures. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Thanks, all, for your comments. I really enjoy getting to read and correspond with fellow bloggers. Dawn, visit often and I'll do the same. Jo, I love that you take the time to read the silliness your mom writes. And, I'm really glad, Phyllis, that you introduced me to blogging and gave me the encouragement to start my own.

  5. What a great idea to do a review of the year. I'm glad most of it was fun and happy.
    The fire looks like it was very scarey! Nice to see that everything is now ok.

    Thanks for commenting on my colorwork. I've put off trying it for years. Silly me, it's not all that hard; especially with this easy pattern.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Well, maryeb, the colorwork certainly looks complicated. I've only tried a tiny bit and that was a few years ago when I was less proficient. Even now, I can't say I know exactly what I'm doing when I have those needles in my hands, although I really enjoy knitting.

    The fire was scary. Although we had very little property damage, the initial sight of flames on the floor, walls and ceiling were devastating mentally and emotionally. It really gave me a feeling of the unrelenting power of nature and of my own insignificance. I started a blog not long afterward that's saved as a draft that I might get around to posting sometime, but every time I try, I have to stop--just because...

  7. Quite the year ... all going so swimmingly until the fire ... yes quite a reminder of other things.

    Nice to see kids and adults still can succeed in Scouting .. it must be a lot harder than 40 years ago ... so many other things to compete for the time and glamour ..

  8. Wow, what a year you have had. I am so glad you and the family were unharmed by the fire. Your son and daughter are a credit to you too. Lovely snapshot of your life over the year. I hope you all have a wonderful 2009.

  9. You had a packed year in 2008. Your garage is comming along. I am glad everyone is safe.

  10. You've been given an award over at my blog!

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