Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Catching Up and Preventing Boredom

Well, I just cannot seem to get my act together lately. I am almost as behind in my blog entries as I am in my spinning. I hoped that participating in the Tour de Fleece would help me to get caught up. However, life has generally managed to keep me from doing very much of both in the past few weeks. I did accomplish one of my Tour goals: I got all the Tropical Bird spun, plied, and skeined. Now it is just waiting for me to mail it to my friend, Rosanne. Perhaps I will get a photo of it posted soon. I got some of my orange and green medley yarn plied, but did not manage to get it all plied. I'm still working toward finishing that. Finally, I got quite behind on the aqua--just a little here and a little there, but it is a handspindle project and quite portable, so I keep it in the car and work on it whenever I have occasion to have to wait for very long: in doctors' offices, standing in line to pay for the car tags, waiting for someone I'm picking up to get to the car, and so on.

One thing I love about handspindle spinning is that you can take it almost anywhere. I've even spindled while standing in line at Six Flags and Universal Studios. I guess some folks think I'm a little weird, but I'm not standing there idly passing the time and wishing the line would move on like they are. Last year when we went through the security check at Six Flags, the guard's comment after looking into my backpack containing a pair of knitting needles, yarn, a drop spindle, fiber, and a paperback novel was, "Gee lady, you must be planning on being bored!" My reply was, "Actually, I'm planning on not being bored. I do this while I stand in line to ride Superman, Batman, and the Georgia Scorcher. The time passes much more quickly. It also gives me something to do while I sit and rest or just wait for the rest of the group to show up." I got a rather strange look from him. Oh, well.


  1. I like that "Gee lady you must be planning on being bored".
    I have something for you on my August 6 post on my blog. Enjoy