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Friday, June 15, 2012

Afternoon at the Bun Cottage

A few photos of the girls enjoying the fresh air and the old Cottontail Cottage.

I can never be sure of the order in which the photos will show up when doing this from my iPhone. Haven't figured out how to space them with the phone, either, so I'll just say a little about them and then we'll figure it out from there.

One photo is of Matilda doing guard duty at the back door. She was a snoozy bunny and I was intrigued by the length of her lashes, so I did an Instagram closeup version. The other two photos are of Gabby schooched up in the side door and dear old Dutchie Mopsy taking up all the space just inside the front door.

Silly bunnies.

(as usual, click to get the full photo until I get this iPhone thing figured out)


  1. Bunnys being bunnys!!!! That's what matters!

  2. oops almost forgot Don't forget to enter Speedy's prize draw!

  3. Dutchie Mopsy says, "You shall not pass."

    Everybunny else: "'s too nice here to quibble."


  4. Great pics, I love the visit at Bun Cottage.

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