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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Science Fair Update

Another great year with interesting and creative science projects. Only three trebuchet projects this year. Since I judge in the behavioral and social sciences division, I don't have to judge projects dealing with engineering, aerospace, chemistry, biology, or physical sciences, but I get to view all of them after judging my part. Of course, the kids have access to Internet resources such as "Science Buddies" for project ideas, but some of the kids choose topics related to personal or family interests and issues. The last two years I've seen more forensic science topics. This year one student studied blood spatter analysis (student used a Karo syrup mixture that approximates the consistency of human blood) and another that investigated gender and "tells" to determine if there were differences between male and female indicators of lying. A few of the projects dealt with handedness, including one that examined "hand" dominance in dogs. There were so many really neat ones. It is always difficult to rank them. Thank goodness we have a team of judges and can discuss the projects in order to make our decisions.

On another note, I am currently sharing my computer with another family member, so I'm not getting to read my blog list as frequently as I'd like. I do have access through the iPhone, but commenting with the new prove-you-aren't-a-robot word verification makes commenting difficult. I apologize to all of my fellow bloggers who aren't hearing from me. It isn't from lack of trying.

I hope everyone is safe, sound, and well. Keep blogging!


  1. I dont like using my smartphone to write anything.

  2. I have a dumb phone. But NOBODY uses my machine!

    Projects sound good as usual. I think back on our Senior Science fair project - it was soooo lame but we got on the local TV station with it!

  3. those science projects sound really cool. i guess nowadays with all the forensic type shows on tends to peak some new interest in that area. i always thought forensics were fascinating. i wouldn't mind doing that kind of work either! and yeah...i'd least you didn't have to make the decision ALONE as to first place, etc.

    as far as your comp sharing...i say lend your iphone and stay on the computer! or set a say"ok...15 min for you, 30 for me...20 min for you...40 for me..." get it! haha!