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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red and Gold

I have finished spinning the singles from the two samples of merino, tussah silk, and camel. They weighed in at about a half ounce each. I wound them into balls for plying, but have not measured them, so I don't really know what the plied yardage will be. The color in the photos does not do justice to the actual colors. They are much more vibrant than they appear. See this previous post for a more accurate representation of the colors.

(One thing I've noticed when posting photos from my iPhone to the blog is that the format is larger than when I use my non-cell phone camera. In the drafts and previews, the photos seem fine, but when the blog is posted, the larger format is too big and the right side of the photos gets cut off. Any suggestions?)

For those of you who are spinners and are curious, these singles measured about 36 wraps per inch.

Boy, these colors look nothing like the real stuff. I tried making a few photos outside, but the sunlight was too intense and it was too dark in the shade. Here, the two balls have been wound together in preparation for plying. This is a trick that I learned after reading Abby Franquemont's book, Respect the Spindle. Since I've been winding the strands together, I seem to be having better plying results, especially when plying more than two strands. I will be plying this tonight and hope to post the results tomorrow.

I just noticed that the colors of the yarn coordinate with the colors of the pizza coupon flyer under them. Hmm. Maybe that's what's for supper tonight.
(Good grief! Just look at all the cat hair on that printer cover. Well, better the cover than the printer, I guess!)


  1. Such slender singles ... beautiful! (And yes, suddenly I'm feeling like cooking up something Italian for dinner!)

  2. Well some good pasta with bolognese(?) sauce or else knit sox for the USC Trojan band members!

    PS - I had to block the "art of the day" - BL is very impressionable you know.

  3. Robin, thanks. It is plying up nicely.

    RG, what on earth have you been up to--or maybe I should ask what haven't you done that you should have--that the Art of the Day would inspire BL??