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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow Photos

Bored yet? These were made on Monday morning between 7:00 and 10:00. Light snow and sleet was still falling.

view from the front porch in daylight

birdbath topped with snow

looks like five and a half inches

sledders heading for the top of the hill

finished shoveling for a while

backyard with dog tracks

silly dogs playing in the snow

one silly dog (Bo)

the other silly dog (Dixie)


  1. Yep, looks like you got as much snow as we did ;)

  2. You can have it!!! Looks pretty.

  3. What annoys me is that everything comes to a standstill because we aren't equipped to manage roads under these conditions. I'm just thankful we didn't have any power outages or ice storms. Been through that. Not fun.

  4. we had that much snow before Christmas and everything came to a standstill here as well! Now it's all disappeared, well most of it has... some paths are still icy...

  5. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I know what you mean about everything coming to a standstill. I lived in Louisiana for many years and they could never deal with this either.

    Love all your furry kids!

  6. Yes, I have enough of it. Pretty but ok had enough of not being able to get out of the driveway.

    But yes, great that there were no power outages. It would have really been cold in this dwelling.

  7. no...definitely not bored!! WHITE OUT!! i miss the snow...and your pictures make me home-sick for some of that cold fluffy white stuff!

    doggies look like they're having fun! i also like the pic with the ruler! wow...lots of snow...and no power outages! that's good!!

  8. Wow I love the snowy pics. Awesome! Hope everyone is staying warm!

  9. Never get tired of snow photos Melissa. Looks like the dogs were having a good time. Our snow is just a dim memory now.