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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beware the Hidden Dutchie

Here is Mopsy, our Dutch bunny, in one of her favorite spots--an empty cat litter container (not the litter box) converted into a bunny nook out in the playpen. The violets have grown since the last rain, so she feels especially concealed in her little hidey spot.

It just goes to show that there are good things about cat litter. Pretty useful, huh, RG over at A Houseful of Rabbits ?


  1. Whoopee Ding - I have known many Dutchies - they are the most notorious at disapproving of and messing with humans people such as myself. Besides, BL doesn't get that kind of litter - she must not have any fragrance or odor!

  2. I understand. For our buns, we use Yesterday's News or other recycled newspaper types, my preference. The recycled corn cob and wheat kinds are okay, too. Since John does the scooping for the cats, he buys clumping types for them. I don't like that kind, but it makes it easier for him. It would be great to just get all the same kind for everybody, even though our felines and lagomorphs don't share litter boxes.

    You just never know about those Dutchies. Mopsy is what I would call "a different bunny," but she spent 5 years as a museum bunny and I think all those school kids--more likely some of the staff--made her cynical.

  3. oh gosh, how cute, does she think we can't see her?

  4. Mopsy definitely thinks she is quite hidden from view. Whenever it is time to get the buns in from their playpens, she will retreat to her box and scooch back into it as far as she can, I guess thinking that we won't see her and trick us into thinking we've already gotten her in.

    They do love their time outside.