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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Picture Funnies

My son just scanned some old photos for me. This one is from the summer of 1968 when I lived in Washington, DC with my older sister, Patricia, and brother-in-law, Rob. He and I took a Congressional tour of the White House. This was made as I came out of the building at the end of the tour. Gee, we really used to dress up to do sightseeing.

Now, here are some 1969 McEwen High School Senior lovelies all dressed up in their formals. I'm the rather wide-eyed one on the far left. Love those hairstyles. And the gloves. And the dresses.


  1. Ho Ho - great oldies. I don't know if we want those good old days or not. Certainly our "politeness" level - at least on the surface - was much higher.

    BL is watching Netflix dvds of MadMen and those settings and styles and practices - wow - especially almost EVERYBODY smokes!

  2. I'm wondering how some of my classmates managed to walk and keep those hairstyles in place [snicker].

    I've never been a smoker, but grew up with two chain-smoking parents. "Everybody" did. These days I'm so accustomed to non-smoking in public places that I really notice the amount of smoking in TV shows and movies from or about those earlier decades. Amazing, really.

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  4. Gee, when I go sight seeing, it is with flip flops and grubby clothes (of course that is all that I own). You looked pretty in your sight seeing outfit---and uncomfortable.

    Your prom dress looks a lot better than mine. As for the hair, I have never been a fan of REALLY BIG hair. I cannot imagine how long it took those girls to get all fixed. I ran across a picture of my mom from the late sixties and she had really huge hair. It was at least fifty feet tall. I wonder if she got headaches from all that hair spray and weight on top of her head.