Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Silken Tent

This is one of my favorite Robert Frost poems.

The Silken Tent

She is as in a field a silken tent
At midday when a sunny summer breeze
Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent,
So that in guys it gently sways at ease,
And its supporting central cedar pole,
That is its pinnacle to heavenward
And signifies the sureness of the soul,
Seems to owe naught to any single cord,
But strictly held by none, is loosely bound
By countless silken ties of love and thought
To every thing on earth the compass round,
And only by one's going slightly taut,
In the capriciousness of summer air,
Is of the slightest bondage made aware.


In looking for images for this poem, I found the website of artist Joanna Tlok, who does lovely oil paintings of landscapes composed of silk fabric. Please visit it at


  1. Beautiful poem Melissa. I have always enjoyed Robert Frost ever since we did some of his poems in school. Those paintings of Joanna's are amazing. Fancy being able to paint all those folds and shadows and creases. I cannot draw that sort of thing unless I have a really good reference for it.

  2. Yes, her paintings amazed me. We had to do charcoal drawings of draped fabric back in college art classes and they were some of the hardest to do. I still like to get my old sketches out and look at them. I was amazed with her subtle use of color and how very realistic, even photographic, they look. It is lovely. I wanted to post a few in order to show folks her work, but wanted to get her permission to do so. Thought a link to her site would be the best bet given the time I had.

  3. Thanks for that link, Melissa.
    Her work is amazing.