Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I just wanted to share with you the lovely floral arrangement and fountain that my family gave me for Mother's Day. I think it looks stunning here in the foyer. It really fills the space nicely.

As you can see, our pair of Bronzehounds were a bit upset by it at first, but once I told them they could play in the fountain, they calmed down.

I think the fountain gives a nice balance to our collection of Oriental art.

Those flowers make me think it's time to make some changes to the landscaping at the front of the house. It looks rather bland. Don't you agree?

Just having a little fun. These photos were made a few weeks ago when we went up to Memphis, our old hometown, and visited some of the sites. The first three are from the Peabody Hotel and the last one is the original Pink Palace.


  1. You had me wondering for a minute there...ha ha. I thought perhaps you lived in a palace.

  2. Lol! It would be fun, but good help is just so hard to find; I'd never get it cleaned up by myself. Something smaller is just more practical.

  3. Love you new house. I bet there are ducks swimming around in the fountain and they have their own pent house on the roof. Too funny. Next time you come to town I would love to see you. Maybe we can do my favorite thing---eat and drink.

  4. Midge, we just made a quick, unplanned day trip right after St. Patrick's Day. Paul wanted to see some stuff, we didn't have any other free time, so we left here around noon and stayed there until about 9:30. Tiring, but fun. Unfortunately, we got to the Peabody too late to see the ducks. I told him they went up to bed around 5:00. Oh, well. We took a carriage ride around a few blocks and the Mall. I couldn't believe the changes to Mud Island!

  5. wow! Those place are awesome. I have always wanted to go to the Peabody. Beautiful.

  6. Yes, Phyllis, the Peabody is pretty neat, but all the years we lived in Memphis, we never stayed there. Maybe next trip...