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Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet Dixie

Oh, dear. Another four-legged thing in the household. My son came home from school recently with a 9-week old Labrador puppy--a "gift" from his tech teacher who got her for her small daughters and found the girls to be a bit much for the puppy. Or something like that.

She did have several potential takers, but they all came up with various reasons why they couldn't take the pup. I also declined. It didn't do any good. And my husband said he thought our son had been needing a dog for a few years and we should keep her.

She is now about 13 weeks old. She's quite good, but forgets her manners when she is excited--which is not infrequent--and thinks that everyone wants to jump around and dance with her. She does quite well with "sit," but is not exactly making passing marks when it comes to not jumping on people. I have to admit that she has gotten much better as she has gotten a little older. She is a very good puppy and doesn't mind her kennel or the leash. She's very sweet and affectionate and smart and crazy.

I haven't had a dog since I was about sixteen years old. We've contemplated dog ownership over the years, but cats have always just been easier for us. I was not thrilled in the beginning, but all has gone quite well, so I cannot complain, except for the fact that I do not think we needed another warm furry body. I must admit that I am enjoying working with her and training her. She ensures that we each get at least one daily walk and lets us know that she loves us, loves us, loves us!


  1. Oh Melissa,
    She is so cute. How does she get along with the cats and bunnies?

  2. Ha ha! Get along??? Well, the cats are very interesting and something that in her doggie heart she knows she should be chasing. She really wants to play with them. The old cats have had dog experience, so they keep out of her way as much as possible. The two youngsters hide whenever she's near--and get very bushy tails. Her kennel is in the garage with the rabbit cages, so she smells them and sees me feeding and playing with them, but at this goofy stage she's in, I wouldn't trust her with much of anything.
    She's already chewed up a leash, a doggie pillow, and a harness. She will be receiving on-going education on proper dog-cat and dog-rabbit behavior as she matures and realizes that they are family. Hmm. That could be a while.

  3. She is gorgeous. My nephew and his wife have just taken delivery of a cute chap called Stanley who is a labrador sheepdog cross puppy. He forgets his manners frequently too but they have just moved house and the carpets aren't down yet. We have always been cat people too so we wouldn't really consider one whilst the kitties are still with us. I wish you lots of joy with him and he with you.

  4. She is beautiful and you are a 'saint'.
    Our dog keeps trying to play with our cat. Needless to say, it is a one way proposition.

    Thanks for commenting on my hat.
    The yarn is Lambs Pride Worsted.
    85% Wool and 15% Mohair.

  5. Hi Dixie ~ you look like such a sweet puppy! We had a cinderblock wall in Albuquerque so our rabbits often hopped freely about the yard. Our Sheltie followed behind, interested more in their droppings than the rabbits. Our Jack Russell, on the other hand, was quite frisky with the rabbits so they had to be separated. Wonder how Dixie will be?!

  6. oh gosh I'm feeling broody - have been dropping hints about a pup for a while now - when our litte old man (of the feline kind) has moved on. One of us is not too sure though ;-)