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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carousel Surprise

I love carousels and the art of carousel animals. My favorite carousel ever is the one at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The carousel in these photos is located at Bridge Street Town Centre, a shopping complex here in Huntsville. Here are a few of the wonderful animals that are on it. Click on the photos for more details.

Numerous examples of the equine family

Another fiery steed or two, a really cute little bear, and a fierce lion

Tiger and panda

A very horsey seahorse

A cat with a fish! This is for my friends Rabbits' Guy (RG) and Bunny Lady (BL) over at "A Houseful of Rabbits." I know RG really likes this one and would love a closer view.

RG, you know you just have to click on this one to enlarge it and get an even better look.

Now hold on, RG, the best is yet to come. . .

Can you see it, RG?

A bunny!!! A carousel Bunn! I was delighted to see a rabbit carousel animal. I don't recall having seen a rabbit on a carousel before, but most of the really neat carousels I've ever seen were long before my rabbit days and back when I was still horse crazy, so that's mostly all I paid attention to. Now I'm wondering how many times I've missed rabbits on carousels. I'll certainly be on the lookout for them in the future.


  1. I will have to take my daughter to see the Carousel, Bunnit! I love Bridge Street...but wow has it been hot...might be a little uncomfortable there these days!

  2. haha the cat is cute with the fish!
    At out boulevard mall there is a rabbit but he is not that cute! I will try and remember to take a picture of it next time i go!

  3. oh how lovely to see the carousel bunny! I like the cat too!

  4. What a great carousel!

    Our local zoo just installed a "conservation carousel" which I have yet to see but it sounds interesting from their website ("This handcrafted wooden carousel features 32 lifelike animals; some are endangered, all are children's favorites. Carousel animals include an anteater, flamingo, jaguar, ladybug, snow leopard … even a peacock chariot designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Each carousel animal is carved from wood, then hand-painted to create a truly unique piece. Educational and conservation messages inspire visitors as they ride."

  5. Oh, I love carousels! Haven't been on one for years; no more little children or even small grandchidren. Perhaps I don't need an excuse.

    I have to admit, when you first said, "look at this one, RG" -- I thought it was a unicorn. And thought Yes! She's got him pegged. But then I saw it was a bunny. The cat was perfect.

    Too cute; it is just too early here.

  6. Well thanks for that! Marvelous work on those animals and decorations.

    Maybe that carousel guy needs a real cat for a mascot and to keep the mice away.

    I don't remember seeing a rabbit on one either - a very nice idea.

    Where were the kids?

  7. Good question, RG. Where are the kids? There had been a few riding now and then during the time we were out there, but not many at all that day.

    BL, it does look like a unicorn in that photo, if you don't look closely. I just thought the bunny was really neat, but the cat with the fish was really neat.

    And Fab Furs--what a neat sounding carousel. I'd love to see it.

  8. This is so cool! I live here but avoid Bridge Street in summer months - too dang hot. There's an amazing carousel in Meridian, Mississippi. Antique, wooden animals and the whole shebang. Have you seen it? Okay, guess I'll head to Bridge Street when temps go BELOW 90 degrees! LOL! GREAT post!

  9. Giraffe: I'll have to check that one out sometime.

    I once wanted to take lessons in carousel animal carving. Another item on that list of things to do...

  10. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well