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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alien Seed Pod Watch Continues

After a few days it's looking like this. A quite overbaked biscuit. I'm wondering when it will explode and spores will be released everywhere.

(Wow! My first attempt to post from my iPhone. I wonder what it will look like "on the big screen?")

(Only seemed to need a slight amount of editing. One thing I can't quite figure out is the "Huntsville Huntsville" in the "Location" area and don't seem to be able to remove the extra Huntsville here. I did not see a place to add labels, so I've had to do that on the computer.)


  1. I dont know...its starting to look kind of tasty now. Like a toasted marshmellow or a roll.

  2. Christina, many of the puffball species are edible,so you could be right and it might be an alien treat. I love toasted marshmallows when they catch fire and get slightly flambed. Hmm...

  3. hahahaaa!!!! a toasted marshmallow!! the ONLY way to eat marshmallows...and that one would be BIG enough for all of us to share!

    i like to flame 'em up...then pull off the outside burnt it...and flame it again!

  4. I also like my hotdogs charred. Ah, blackened hotdogs with flambed marshmallows for dessert! Yum!

  5. me too!! burnt dogs, the only way to eat 'em! in fact, that's kind of how i like all my meat...i don't mind if it's as dried out as jerky! ha!