Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm Back! I Guess

Long time no blog and am trying to do better. Have I said that before??

For my  "Welcome Back" post, I have a rant to get out of my system. I'll try to be brief.

On November 5, I went down to Gulf Shores, Alabama, for a couple of days to enjoy the scenery and pleasant atmosphere at Gulf State Park. On the way down, I had to pass through the town of Foley, Alabama. Had I reached Foley during the daytime, I might not have noticed the Christmas decorations on the lightposts as I drove through the town. It was dark and the lights of the decorations were quite noticeable. Wait.  Didn't we just have Halloween? Isn't Thanksgiving coming up at the end of November? Do we really need to jump straight from Halloween decorations on September 1 (and I really like Halloween) to Christmas decorations on November 1? What happened to the harvest-oriented decorations (admitttedly, I can take or leave them) that used to be everywhere this time of year? I love Christmas, but really have no desire to look at Christmas decorations for two months any more than I want to look at Halloween decorations for two months. I guess I'm just an old cranky person. For those of you who enjoy putting up Halloween decorations on September 1 and Christmas decorations on November 1, fine, you are going to do it anyway. My apologies if I have seriously offended any of you. I just hope I don't have to listen to Christmas music everywhere I go starting next week.

Well, that's it. More later.


  1. Whack them one for me too. All I want of Christmas before Thanksgiving is a candy cane in my Hot Cocoa!

    PS got the mitts - perfect cozy - thanks!

  2. Let's get Thanksgiving over with first! Maybe retail is to blame for a lot of that early stuff.

    Glad the mitts got there. I used John's hands as a model. You can wear them over gloves for extra warmth if needed.

  3. I really dislike early Christmas decorations. In Edinburgh we have some pretty winter lights in the trees in Princes Street Gardens and along some of our main streets, these are lovely and light up the winter and aren't overtly Christmassy. On the other hand i hate the stores advertising Christmas so early and though I love the outdoor German style Christmas markets, I wish they didin't open before December.

    Anyway, welcome back to blogging!

    1. Yes, CGP, I definitely prefer Christmas decorations and music to be delayed until at least the first of December.
      And thanks for the welcome back. Progress is slowed once again by Blogger app issues and uploading photos. Very annoying. Currently having to share my laptop, too, which is creating more delays!

  4. Yep christmas should wait till the first of December which is when Speedy starts his christmas countdown,xx Rachel and Speedy

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