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Friday, June 4, 2010

Scenic North Alabama: Bellefonte Nuclear Plant near Scottsboro

view from Hwy 72, Hollywood, AL near Scottsboro

on the drive up to the facility

reactors (background) and cooling towers (foreground) from the west

from the east

for more information:


  1. Interesting photos...I actually live near the Brownsferry one, not as close as they have us listed on the google map would mean we actually live next door to it! And I thought I could trust maps. Ha! Smile today. :)

  2. Ah, those maps...

    I have photos of the Browns Ferry plant that I plan to post one of these days. I was surprised at how different it looks compared with the Bellefonte type.

    I must have been right in your neck of the woods the day we were at BF making those photos.

  3. Very impressive sight Melissa. We have a site with 6 cooling towers in the county west of ours. Some love them and some hate them but you can see them for many, many miles distant. I suppose they have become part of the scenery now.

  4. Cathy, this plant has not been completed. Construction was halted in 1988, but there it is now a proposal to resume construction and the issue will be voted on in August. the Brown's Ferry nuclear plant near Athens, Alabama, looks very different from this one. It began operation in 1974, but was shut down in 1985. Two of the units were restarted in '91 and '95 and they now plan to start unit 1 again.

    In 1985, I worked on archaeological recovery efforts in conjunction with the Hartsville, TN plant construction(which was never completed). At that time, one tower was completed and the other about halfway. It was interesting to be working on an archaeological site from the Stone Age of about 6500 years ago and look across the river into the Atomic Age.

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