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Monday, April 6, 2009

Just Say No!

If you are contemplating giving bunnies for Easter, please give these

not these

Baby bunnies are bought as Easter gifts for small children (and larger ones) because of their cute factor and the Easter Bunny mystique. These animals often end up at city or county animal facilities where they are euthanized or the owner simply turns them out into the wild. Please resist the temptation to buy live animals as Easter gifts.

Visit the House Rabbit Society website at for more information.

The same goes for chicks and ducklings.


  1. I agree 100%.
    Your little basket of bunnies are so cute. Which ones are they.
    I remember you had one named Periwinkle. I loved that name.

  2. Oh, they aren't my bunnies. I took it from an internet image search and forgot to credit it. Oops! I'll have to go find those credits.

  3. aw - those pics are soooooo cute

  4. We'll see what we can do. They grow into adults who enjoy swimming in kiddie pools if there's no farm pond available. Thing is, I think our city ordinances prohibit them within the city limits.

  5. I love this post and agree 100% as well! Very sweet bunnies they are...and the chocolate ones too!